Aotea Conservation Volunteers

Aotea Conservation Volunteers is a sub-group of the Residents Association.  Their primary focus is help restore reserve areas, in and around Aotea, by removing invasive species and replanting them with natives.  The main area they have been working in is Bothamley Park.  Check out this page for updates on their work.

Two successful Maintenance Days this month!!. 

The weather behaved and with the handful of overseas volunteers on each occasion from CVNZ, we finished a whole bunch of releasing and recovered hundreds of plastic plant hoods (Kombi Guards) and a lots of usable bamboo poles.  A big thank you. 

All this means we should

  1. firstly complete our basic releasing tasks for the recently planted areas before planting starts next month, and

  2. not have to purchase many if any new kombi guards for this seasons planting.  We can use the savings for more plants.  Yay!!



Thursday 3rd May proved a sunny windless, warm day for the team of seven.   This inspired energy by the young helpers from Germany, France and the UK.   The Corys site shown here runs along the west bank of the main Bothamley stream from the mini waterfall up past the blackberry patch towards the lower blue bridge.   There were over 750 plants to release. Lots of healthy weeds and grasses surrounding lots of equally healthy plants.  Also ugly strands of blackberry in the mix.  These pictures show a good completed job and it was done just over 3 hours.


Tuesday 15th  May wasn’t so pleasant. A bit cooler but no rain for mostly new volunteers, the majority of whom were from Hong Kong.  The recovery of plastic and bamboo involved all areas south of the north blue bridge along both sides  the Dales track down to the south blue bridge.  Essentially all plastics as far as the eye could see from the top of entrance at the Tararua Close.  Recovery was a first for Kim and I, and Kim’s system worked perfectly.  Needed to end up with neatly packed usable plastics and bamboo in bags – and we did.    


Our Next Maintenance Day

On Wednesday 6th June we will have some local volunteers under the guidance of Anna from CVCNZ.   Our work will focus on releasing the remaining recently planted areas from around the blackberry patch and due west down the Bothamley track to the island.  Depending on the volunteer numbers we may include plastic and bamboo recovery work.